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Beetroot Salmon Pasta

Recipe courtesy of A Better Choice

Serves 4 | 15 Minutes


  • 100g spiral pasta

  • 1 fresh cooked beetroot, cut into wedges

  • 1 ripe avocado, cubed

  • 2 baby cucumbers, diced

  • 1 heaped tsp Dijon mustard

  • 100g poached salmon, flaked

  • 60g rocket

  • 1 tbsp Greek Yoghurt mixed with 1 tbsp water


1. Cook the pasta following pack instructions, then drain and leave to cool. Toss the pasta with the beetroot, avocado, cucumber, dill, yoghurt and horseradish, then season generously with black pepper.

2. Gently mix the salmon and rocket through the pasta and serve.


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