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Fueling their learning

It’s time to get back to school in style, and you can find everything you need at Barossa Fresh to fuel their learning!

We’ve got a selection of lunch boxes from on-trend bento-style to traditional tried and true models, plus plenty of eco-friendly drink bottles and stationery essentials, together with all of your kid’s lunch box faves at great prices.

Shop our top picks in-store or online anytime.

Sachi Insulated Lunchbox Bentogo Bento Box Oasis Insulated Sipper 550ml

$19.99ea $46.00ea $25.00ea

      Nestle Milo Snack Bars 10pk Sanitarium Up & Go 6pk Uncle Tobys LeSnak 12pk

    $6.30ea SAVE $2.50* $6.00ea SAVE $6.00* $8.00ea SAVE $2.00*

*Special pricing from Wed 17/1/24 - Tues 23/1/24, unless sold out prior.

      Sharpie Fluro Hilighter 4pk Spirax 64 Page Exercise Book BIC Cristal Easy Glide Pens 10pk

 $8.75ea $2.60ea $5.00ea



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